Starter Pack


Sneakers Only You Love.

S.O.U.L expressing Men’s style. From FootLocker (in-store) to FlightClub (online)

Camera 176

Bahamian/American Girl born in Miami raised in many areas of America. My passion lies in stylizing Men’s wardrobe. It started once  I found my Love for sneakers  I’m currently working in two shoe store’s located in Aventura mall. My future goal would be to open my own sneaker shop in the Miami district focused on the newest arrival in the sneaker world. Your typical girl can talk for days about a pair of heels or the hottest designer purse for thousands of dollars. My personal muse is Thrift shopping and creating an image based upon a simple pair of sneakers.

I live my life day by day, and my personal image is presented in the same light. My morning schedule plans determine my look of the day. I can’t always pre plan the night before because when you start a new day anything can change.



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